Field Day Tour

The Dickinson Soil and Water Conservation District, in partnership with Iowa Learning Farms and the Clean Water Alliance, is proud to sponsor a soil health field day in Dickinson County. This event is focused on raising awareness for the value of managing your farm to improve soil health. Speakers include professionals advocating for soil health and local farmers who can testify to what improved soil health has meant to their farming business. Anyone interested in conservation in and agricultural landscape, and those who own or operate a farm in Northwest Iowa or Southwest Minnesota are encouraged to attend.

Soil Health Field Day Agenda

Soil Health Field Day Agenda

Wednesday August 9, 2017

5:00 Start Time

5:00 PM – Dinner, welcome, introduction of sponsors/hosts, short intro to agenda and stations

5:30 PM – 3 stations from the list below that talk for 20 minutes, 10min discussion/travel between stations.

  • Soil Health – Doug Peterson, Iowa/Missouri Regional Soil Health Specialist, NRCS
  • Strip-till/organic matter/worms – Ann Staudt, Liz Juchems
  • John Boettcher, Dickinson County Farmer

7:00 PM Completion

Meal cooked by Dickinson County Cattleman’s

Hosted by Iowa Learning Farms

Meal cooked by Dickinson County Cattleman’s