HorseshoeBend_07.27The Prairie Lakes Conference offers a unique opportunity for lake management professionals, citizens and researchers to come together and focus on improving the water quality of the outstanding lake resources found in the Midwest.  Appropriately set on the shores of the Iowa Great Lakes, the conference will explore the unique topic of prairie lakes, as well as engage participants in discussions about science, stewardship and the roles of economics and social goals in lake management.  We will dive into the broad range of management subjects with a special emphasis on the interconnected nature of our prairie lakes and the opportunities for collaboration as we strive to work together to improve water quality.  Attendees will engage in topics such as the science of lakes; landscape & watershed science; soil health; the social, political & economic aspects of lake management; aquatic plant & algae management; nutrient management; an overview of local and state management programs; case studies of prairie lake management projects; and fisheries management.  We look forward to your support as we celebrate these valuable lakes!

PLC 2023 August 9-11th