Okoboji Blue Water Festival — Chris Isaak

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Friday, August 11, 2017
9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Preservation Plaza

Chris Isaak has amassed a total of 12 studio albums, the latest of which is ‘First Comes the Night,’ released in 2015. Isaak’s first album in six years, ‘First Comes the Night’ is a compilation of fresh new tracks that he recorded mostly in Nashville, a city he adores for its rich assemblage of musicians and producers.

Isaak’s career is an intriguing amalgamation as songwriter, studio and concert performer and actor. His music has been featured on albums, films and television.

Isaak’s first album was ‘Silvertone,’ named after the first band he formed after his college days. That inaugural effort was released in 1985, revealing that singular voice – at first a bit rough-hewn but later matured into sophisticated rhythm and blues – that would grace airwaves, concert halls, feature films and television venues for many years thereafter.

A prolific songwriter and performer, Isaak kept rolling out albums and concert tours over the years, growing into one of the most respected and praised musicians of his era. ‘First Comes the Night’ is a result of his maturation as an artist. The album is the result not of a contractual or any other obligation but an outpouring of creative songwriting.

Perhaps the magic of Okoboji will inspire Isaak to new lyrics